Created over twenty years ago, at the request of INSA Strasbourg corporate partners, the INSA Strasbourg continuing education center naturally aims to meet the needs of the business world.

Accordingly, the CFC organizes inter and intra-company training courses on themes connected to INSA Strasbourg’s main areas of competence, but also on wider cross-disciplinary themes.

The trainees are in contact with a mixed set of teachers made up of

  • professionals still active in the business world
  • experts in different fields
  • INSA Strasbourg teacher-researchers

Several different solutions can be combined to meet your need to develop skills.

Take a training course to gain a certificate or diploma to boost your career

INSA Strasbourg offers several courses leading to certificates or diplomas:


course catalogue

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  • training development and implementation of actions leading to qualifications
  • short courses leading to qualifications
  • courses leading to diplomas in partnership
  • becoming an engineer
  • the professional training contract
  • training platforms
  • partnership and network with INSA Strasbourg for business professions