The international relations department reserves rooms in university halls of residence for foreign students (Cité Universitaire de la Robertsau and Cité Universitaire Alfred Weiss 1).

Students who wish to live at the Maison de l’Ingénieur et de l’Architecte will need to reserve their rooms themselves.

It is possible to get a moderately priced room in a university hall of residence:

  single room without a bathroom approx. €200/month

  single room with a bathroom approx. €280/month

  studio between 15 and 34 m² approx. €450/month

If you wish, you can find your own accommodation

More information from the international relations department.

Accommodation grant

The French family allowance body (CAF) provides grants to help foreign students pay for their accommodation.

Only students residing in France for at least 8 months can benefit from CAF housing benefits.