The INSA model is based on supporting students and staff so that they succeed, whatever their geographical, social or cultural origin, age or gender.

At INSA Strasbourg, we believe in encouraging pluralism and seeking diversity in recruitments and the management of student pathways and that it is a factor driving the school’s progress. INSA Strasbourg reinforces the aid given to students so as to enable each of them, whatever their difference, to achieve their professional training objectives.

Disabled students

INSA Strasbourg has a service to help disabled students, the Mission Handicap.

It consists of a number of people, including

  • a nurse  who can guide students to the right interlocutors
  • teaching staff, to whom students can talk
  • administrative staff who help organize the scheme
  • a group of student volunteers, the “Cordée handimanagement”

This group works in partnership with the Mission Handicap at the University of Strasbourg and is there to support and guide disabled students throughout their time at the school.


Social diversity and solidarity

35% of students at INSA Strasbourg receive student grants and the school has a complementary bursary scheme that can help students in financial difficulties complete their studies.

Students who have passed their first year are offered the chance to take part in an elective buddy tutoring scheme. The aim is to support first year students who need it, by tutoring them to improve their study methods and learning.

Gender equality

INSA Strasbourg wishes to promote the careers of female engineers and architects. Support is available (in the form of bursaries, awareness-raising and communication campaigns) to try and raise the number of female students, which currently stands at 35%. This figure is an average, with proportions of female students varying considerably between specialties (in civil engineering, surveying engineering and architecture, for example, there are more women students).

International diversity

Being open to the wider world is one of INSA Strasbourg’s core values: every year 250 students go abroad to study and 350 undertake an internship abroad thanks to 21 double degree courses, 60 bilateral agreements and numerous contacts with companies and laboratories abroad.