Sport plays an important role in a student’s life. It is also an integral part of the training as it can earn students ECTS credits. It helps to develop the student as a person. There are many ways of practising sports: supervised, unsupervised, competition or high level sport.

Physical education and sport as a training tool

Short-term aim: to feel good

  • a way of letting off steam: sport helps to provide balance in the weekly regime of hard studying;
  • better self-awareness: after classes and exams, reclaim your body, become aware of your physical abilities, which will often have changed since high school
  • a way of reconciling yourself with physical effort, all too often neglected in favor of purely intellectual efforts;
  • an improvement in physical condition, and therefore a greater capacity to cope with the sustained study regime;
  • learning to interact in a team, a contribution to conviviality and the feeling of belonging to a class;
  • feeling good.

Medium-term aim: to progress

  • making progress in familiar sports and discovering new activities;
  • getting an idea of your level, accepting it and adapting the amount of commitment and effort you put in;
  • participating with passion, but within the rules, which implies self-control, modesty in success, acceptance of failure, keeping your emotions in check;
  • understanding solidarity in action.

Long-term aim: life skills

The human qualities acquired can be transferred into every day, family and professional life. Sport as part of your education therefore contributes to developing your life skills:

  • communicating: listening, expressing yourself, changing roles, working in a team;
  • creating: adapting, inventing, re-inventing, innovating, imagining;
  • situating yourself: within a standard, a project, an organization, when faced with criticism, giving criticism, questioning yourself;
  • becoming more responsible: respecting rights and duties, carrying a project through to the end, taking calculated risks, committing to action, getting involved.

Sport activities on campus

You will also be entitled to take part in the activities organized by the SIUAPS (Inter-university physical activities and sports service).

This service offers sports activities to all students and staff on the Strasbourg campuses. Annual subscription: €15, to be paid when enrolling at INSA.

For more information, you can also contact INSA Strasbourg’s sports teacher:

Jean Buchler: