Students at INSA Strasbourg can prepare to continue along a research path by enrolling on one of the following master’s courses during their engineering or architecture studies.

It is possible to enroll for a doctorate with a diploma in engineering, but it is easier to do so with master’s degree.

Master’s degrees that INSA Strasbourg is co-accredited to award

Special subjects: spatial and urban planning and development. Architecture, structures and urban projects (ASPU)

Co-accredited institutions: University of Strasbourg, ENSAS (Strasbourg school of architecture).

Field of study: science, technology and health

Special subject: surface engineering

Co-accredited institutions: University of Strasbourg, UHA (University of Upper Alsace) in Mulhouse.

Engineering students in the mechanical engineering department at INSA Strasbourg can follow an adapted course.

Institution: University of Strasbourg (Télécom Physique Strasbourg)

Master degree in which INSA Strasbourg is a partner

Research team concerned: ICube CSIP

Other master’s course available to INSA Strasbourg students

Aims: to train specialists capable of mastering the scientific approach involved in numerical computation in engineering for industrial, environmental and biomechanical applications.