An active regional network

INSA Strasbourg is a partner in the Alsace “site contract”, which set up a regional association of higher education institutes to foster greater cooperation. It is a founding member of Alsace Tech (an association of fourteen engineering, architecture and management schools), of the SATT Conectus Alsace, a technology transfer company in which it is also a shareholder, the Semia technology incubator and a partner of Alsace Innovation (Alsace technology network).

Alsace Tech

This association, founded in March 2007, is a federation of fourteen “Grandes Écoles” – engineering, architecture and business schools – in Alsace.

Its mission is to promote the Alsatian Schools and generate interest in these areas of study among young people.

Belonging to this network helps INSA Strasbourg to strengthen its ties with its local region.

Alsatian site

Six institutions including INSA Strasbourg have joined forces to coordinate their higher education and research policies with a “site contract”.

Région Architecture

Région Architecture is an association (under the Law of 1901) formed by the three architecture schools in the Grand Est Region, the Order of Architects, the CAUEs (Councils for Architecture, Urban Planning and the Environment), the different partners involved in architecture in the Grand Est Region.

Strong local roots

The largest engineering and architecture school in Alsace in terms of student numbers (37% of engineering graduates in Alsace), the school has strong ties with the socio-economic actors in the region. 37% of the engineers graduating from the school work in local firms (in very small enterprises, SMEs and large groups).

National and international partnerships

INSA Strasbourg is a member of the CGE (Conference of Grandes Écoles), of the CDEFI (Conference of the heads of French engineering schools) and of several international networks that facilitate exchanges, such as Erasmus+, N+I, Crepuq, Brafitec, Arfitec, the Franco- German University, the AUF (French-speaking universities agency), etc.

CDEFI (Conference of the heads of French engineering schools)

The CDEFI (Conference of the heads of French engineering schools) is the body that speaks for French engineering schools. Its membership consists of the heads of all the public and private institutions or components of institutions approved by the engineering qualifications accreditation committee (CTI) to issue engineering degrees. A recognized “public interest association”, under the law on the freedom and responsibilities of the universities, the CDEFI is one of two conferences representing French higher education and research institutions with the State, the European Union and other international bodies.


The CEFI, the engineer training studies committee, is a resource and forward planning center studying engineering and business schools and management jobs.

The CEFI website provides information on careers in engineering, statistics, the history of engineering training, etc.

Conférence des grandes écoles

The CGE (Conference of Grandes Écoles  is an association (under the Law of 1901) made up of engineering and management schools and multiple or single speciality higher education institutions recognized by the French State and awarding national diplomas recognizing at least 5 years of post-baccalaureate study.