INSA Strasbourg is a public scientific, cultural and professional establishment (EPSCP), under the authority of the Ministry in charge of higher education, and accredited by the engineering qualifications accreditation committee (CTI).

The establishment is run by a Director appointed for five years by the ministry in charge of higher education. It is administered by three statutory bodies: a Board of Administration, an Educational Council and a Scientific Council.

The Board of Administration

The Board of Administration is the only decision-making body, the others have an advisory role. It decides the school’s general policy, examines and approves the establishment contract and votes on the budget. It approves the accounts, decides on the distribution of the posts allocated to the establishment, ratifies contracts and agreements, accepts donations and bequests, etc. It takes all the important administrative decisions. The Board has 34 members including 10 teaching staff, 5 students, 3 members of the administrative and technical staff and 16 external members.

The Scientific Council

The Scientific Council proposes directions for the school’s research policy to the Board of Administration as well advising it on the distribution of research credits. It is consulted when there are vacancies or needs for teacher-researcher posts. In restricted formation (teacher-researchers only), it examines individual matters relating to teacher-researchers’ recruitment, deployment and careers. It has 21 members including 12 teaching staff, 2 members of the administrative and technical staff, 2 users (PhD students as guest members) and 5 external members.

The Educational Council

The Educational Council considers matters relating to teaching, training and student life. It proposes orientations for the teaching content of the initial training and continuing education courses and the study and examination regulations (RIEE). It examines applications for accreditation, plans to create new specializations or other qualifications; it proposes the calendar for the academic year; it encourages cultural, sporting, social activities and clubs and all actions liable to improve students’ living and working conditions. It has 21 members including 8 teaching staff, 8 students, 2 members of the administrative and technical staff and 3 external members.

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INSA Strasbourg’s organization consists of a management team, five departments, resource centers, a continuing education center and 17 support departments including the international relations department, which is in charge of receiving foreign students and visitors, the exchange programs, partnership agreements, etc.

The teacher-researchers belong to one of four research units.