International students : 3 options = 3 experiences

About 12% of INSA Strasbourg’s students are international students, with over 40 nationalities. These students can come to INSA Strasbourg on academic exchange or partnership schemes, such as:

Erasmus+, Brafitec, Arfitec, Mexfitec, Franco-German University, bilateral agreements, etc.

INSA Strasbourg pays particular attention to the quality of its reception of international students, offering them support throughout the year: courses in French as a foreign language (“FLE”), help with finding accommodation, a programme of cultural activities, a student buddy scheme and general assistance.

Three possibilities to come to INSA Strasbourg

  • Exchange students (double degrees, bilateral agreements, Erasmus +, FITEC programs…)
  • International students (as a regular student)
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     Equality of treatment and services for “visiting” students and those enrolled on full courses

    INSA Strasbourg guarantees all students the same treatment in educational terms (rights and responsibilities, tutoring, exams, scoring system) and the same access to services (student cafeterias, IT rooms, sporting opportunities, etc.)