Applications for DeutschINSA, INSA Strasbourg’s international program, are examined after admission to an INSA school (based on the student’s school environment and record).
The allocation of students to international courses (as DeutschINSA) takes place within each INSA school, after  general admission and depends on the number of places available.
If the application for the international course is not accepted, the student is assigned to the standard course within the INSA of admission. 


  • You have a general French baccalaureate, a Abibac* or a baccalaureate from a European School:
    Application on the Parcoursup Portal (tick box “Filière internationale/DeutschINSA”)
  • You have a Franco-German,  German, International or other baccalaureate :
    Application directly on 

*The Abibac is considered by the INSA as equivalent to a general French baccalaureate.

More information about DeutschINSA on the presentation page, the FAQ and the DeutschINSA blog.