The first year of studies is a common core entitled “Science, technology and humanities” (STH 1) followed by all the students.
At the end of this first year, the students choose which of the seven engineering specializations they wish to follow (I2). They can also take the national competitive admission exam for the architecture department (AI 1).

Teaching goals

The first year aims to give students a basic grounding that will enable them to continue their studies in one of the specializations offered by INSA Strasbourg. The aims are:

  • a mastery of the fundamental disciplines (mathematics, physics, engineering sciences, English, sport and communication),
  • the acquisition of working methods,
  • to train students to work individually and in groups,
  • to improve oral and writing skills, in both French and foreign languages,
  • to broaden their knowledge with elective module.

More information on cross-disciplinary teaching.

International and themed courses

International (DeutschINSA) and themed (Music, top-level athletes) courses are available to students.

Applications for international or themed courses are examined after admission to an INSA school (based on the student’s school environment and record + an interview in some cases). The allocation of students to international or themed courses takes place within each INSA school, after admission and depends on the number of places available. If the application for the international or themed course is not accepted, the student is assigned to the standard course with in the INSA of admission