The Institut Charles Sadron is a CNRS laboratory (UPR22) run in association with the University of Strasbourg, which was created in 1954 to carry out fundamental research to support the nascent polymer industry. The Institute has 7 research teams and 4 research platforms.

The main research fields its covers are:

  • Functional macromolecular materials
  • Self-assembled systems
  • Fundamental aspects of polymers
  • Polymers at interfaces

The research conducted relies on the wide spectrum of scientific and technical skills united in the Pôle Matériaux et Nanosciences Alsace, the CIRFC (International Center for Frontier Research in Chemistry), and synergies with the Institut Carnot MICA.

Partnership with INSA Strasbourg

The CNRS and INSA Strasbourg have signed a partnership agreement enabling INSA teacher-researchers, trainees and PhD students to work at the ICS. Four tenured teacher-researchers from INSA are members of the Institute and work within the Physic-Mechanics and Tribology of Polymers team.

The main field of study is polymers and their surfaces. Ongoing studies concern the modeling of wear and degradation phenomena. The materials studied have applications in the biomedical field. The team works with surgeons to develop innovative coatings and prototypes for orthopedic implants.



The publications are posted on the Institut Charles Sadron platform.


Team members (in French)