Field: Science, Technology, Health

Degree: Master’s Degree in Materials Science and Engineering

Program: Surface Design and Materials Innovation

The Surface Design and Materials Innovation program is a professionally oriented degree program with a particular focus on surfaces, interfaces and thin films. It provides scientific and technical training as a complement to core engineering studies with a view to applications in industry.

This Master’s program is accredited jointly by INSA, the University of Haute Alsace and the University of Strasbourg.

Who can apply?

Fifth-year students at INSA Strasbourg enrolled in Program 1 of the Mechanical Engineering Department: Innovative and Eco-friendly Materials in Mechanical and Plastics Engineering. 


All other students having fully completed first – or second-year master’s programs can be admitted as equivalent, subject to a positive review of application file by the Board of Admissions.

International students holding equivalent master’s degrees must provide certification of proficiency in French (Level B2).

An intensive French language course starting at Level B1 is offered by INSA Strasbourg during the second half of August.

Surface Design and Materials Innovation

The Surface Design and Materials Innovation program focuses on the study of surface properties and their enhancement for the development of solutions and industrial applications.

Design optimization, choice of materials, modification of the surface properties of materials through treatment or coating, and optimization of conditions of use are a core part of the profession.

A goal of this course is to provide students with the skills in science and technology needed to build an innovation or R&D strategy in the emerging economic sector of intelligent materials (self-healing, multifunctional) innovative (biodegradable, bioinspired) and sustainable (eco-friendly). 

The second-year master’s program specially offers an introduction to surface characterization techniques on the scientific equipment of laboratories of the Alsace Pole of Materials and Nanosciences (The Internal Research – UPR – and Joint Research – UMR – Laboratories of the French National Centre for Scientific Research, CNRS).

Course Content

The content of the Master’s Program in Materials Science and Engineering is available on the French version of the INSA website.

The degree is awarded jointly with the Physics and Engineering Department of the University of Strasbourg.

Courses are taught by lecturers and researchers from the College of Physics and Engineering of the University of Strasbourg, INSA Strasbourg or the School of Chemistry, Polymers and Materials (ECPM) as well as by industry professionals.

This program is supported by the following laboratories: the Charles Sadron Institute (UPR CNRS) and the Strasbourg Institute of Materials Physics and Chemistry (UMR CNRS 7504), with special emphasis on the nano- and micromechanical equipment of the Charles Sadron Institute.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the master’s program in Materials Science and Engineering can aspire to a professional career in industry, whether it be major corporations or small and medium size businesses in a wide variety of sectors including transportation, aeronautics, energy, emerging technologies and medicine.

They can also continue toward a doctorate in fundamental or applied sciences.

Alumni of the DSMI Master’s degree hold positions as design engineers, R&D project managers, heads of research laboratories, project engineers, industrial project managers, technical services managers, quality engineers, engineering consultants, research managers, research fellows and lecturers.

Heads of the Surface Design and Materials Innovation program

Thierry Roland – INSA Strasbourg

Anne Rubin – University of Strasbourg