Master’s in human and social sciences – major: urban and territorial planning – specialization: architecture, structure and urban project

This is a master’s 2 focused on research and professional experience in architecture, urban structures and urban projects.

The course is backed by the AMUP (Architecture, urban, morphology/morphogenesis, project) research unit (AMUP, UR 7309, INSA-ENSA).

who can apply ?

Architects, engineers and holders of a master’s (M1) in architecture, geography and spatial planning, surveying engineering, sociology or other social sciences.
Students who have completed any other course at M1 or M2 level may also be admitted via the equivalence
system, subject to a review of their academic record by the admissions board to check that they meet
the necessary pre-conditions.

Foreign applicants who hold an equivalent qualification will need to prove that they have an adequate command of the French language (TCF B2 or DELF B2)

Course content and objectives

The course is intended to deepen and extend the students’ knowledge and know-how on structures and
urban projects to the scale of the urban agglomeration.

The scientific objective is to train high-level professionals and researchers in the fields of architecture, urban planning and development. This course is designed to prepare them to continue their studies at PhD level and to embark on professional careers in the urban and spatial planning fields.

The course includes:

  • an urban planning project workshop as a source of reflection and the basis for research applications
  • core subject teaching in the form of lectures and tutorials grouped into teaching units dealing with subjects including urban forms and networks, urban planning instruments, the roles of  stakeholders and urban policy
  • methodology seminars to work in depth on the research questions raised in the workshops,
    to prepare and construct the framework of a research dissertation or placement

The course also enables students to consolidate and enrich the skills sets specific to team-working in the design and implementation stages of assignments focused on project management, expert appraisal and consultancy services for project owners, with the aim of giving the students a wider range of options for their future careers.

Course content

Content of the ASPU master’s course available on the french version of the website.


The students’ work will be assessed based on:

  • attendance at lectures, tutorial and seminars (mandatory)
  • the work submitted for each teaching unit
  • the writing and defence of a personal dissertation. The dissertation or placement report will cover a general scientific issue in the course subject.

Openings for graduates

The specialization prepares students for higher education teaching and research posts, professions in space planning, territorial development, urban planning, environmental consulting or geomatics, such as:

  • urban design practice in architecture office
  • project owners’ assistant within a local authority
  • project manager or coordinator (local and urban planning and development)
  • research officer (space planning, economic development, local development, urban planning)
  • development officer or coordinator
  • manager or engineer with a local authority or inter-municipal establishment, design office,
    chamber of industry, trade, etc.

Teaching staff

Alexis Meier, architect, PhD in Philosophy, associate professor in Theory and Practice of Architectural and Urban Design, INSA Strasbourg

Florence Rudolf, sociologist, university professor, INSA Strasbourg

Denis Bocquet, historian, research supervisor, architecture school professor, ENSA Strasbourg

Eric Chenderowski, practising urban planner, Eurométropole, ENSA Strasbourg

Toufik Hammoud, architect, associate professor, Ensa Nantes

Jean-François Authier, architect, urban planner, INSA Strasbourg.

Course directors

At ENSA Strasbourg: Denis Bocquet

At INSA Strasbourg: Alexis Meier