With its ability to draw on a wide range of skills, some of them recognized internationally, INSA Strasbourg develops research that aims to provide solutions to major issues in society, in areas such as health, energy and the environment, the efficiency of buildings, inventiveness in organizational and productive systems.


RESEARCH teams shared with other institutions of the site

Research is conducted in collaboration with other scientific institutes in Strasbourg (the University of Strasbourg, the National Center for Scientific Research [CNRS], the Higher National School of Architecture in Strasbourg [ENSAS], the National School for Water and Environmental Engineering in Strasbourg [ENGEES]).

The areas concerned are related to those covered by the training and aim to give coherence to the activities on the site. Projects are approached from a multi-disciplinary perspective, necessary to the modelling, evaluation and optimization of complex systems. Doctoral studies are organized in close collaboration with the University of Strasbourg, which awards the PhD.

68 teacher-researchers in 3 research units

Research activities take place in the following units:

  • AMUP team: school of architecture (ENSAS), INSA Strasbourg
  • ICUBE laboratory: University of Strasbourg, National School of Water and Environmental Engineering (ENGEES), INSA Strasbourg, National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS)
  • Institut Charles Sadron (CNRS)

3 doctoral schools

To which the research teams are attached:

12 research fields

  • Materials: mechanics and tribology of polymers.
  • Civil engineering: behavior of structures under complex loading conditions, environmental and health impacts of materials
  • Building energy engineering
  • Fluid mechanics and hydraulics
  • Electrical engineering
  • Control, vision and robotics
  • Lasers and photonics
  • Built heritage modeling and the urban environment
  • Inventive design, information and production systems
  • Architectural design and urban projects
  • Climate change, energy and territories
  • Semantic knowledge and technologies.

research master’s degrees

Students at INSA can prepare to continue along a research path by taking one of the following master’s courses, during their engineering or architecture studies.

INSA Strasbourg is co-accredited to award the following master’s degrees:

INSA is a partner in the following master’s courses:

  •   master’s in imaging, robotics and biomedical engineering;
  •   master’s in mechatronics and energy;
  •   master’s in innovative product engineering.

Other master’s courses available to INSA students

  • Computational Mechanics in Engineering (CME)


Pierre Grussenmeyer, director of research

Stéphanie Mathé, secretary of the research department +33 (0)3 88 14 47 04

Alina Holcroft, administrative manager for national and European project