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Cooperate to the maximum extent - November 2013

Adopted on 23 May 2013, the Alsace site contract (contrat de site) is one of the first of its kind in France and was signed by the Ministry for Higher Education and Research on 4 June of this year. The contract was drawn up in line with the new law and sets out the guidelines for improved cooperation between establishments at regional level. Marc Renner goes back over how it was drawn up and explains the major points.

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International Summer School: a fresh approach to the Rhine - November 2013

This year's Summer School took place from 15 to 26 July and involved 33 German, Dutch and French students. Held for the first time in Strasbourg, the school's theme focus was the Rhine, with conferences, visits and team projects, along with a mass launch of paper boats.

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The forum Alsace Tech 2013 : 7th november in Strasbourg



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